Information on Abstract Search
How to use the Abstract Search functionality
  • On the survey page of the Scientific Program there is the functionality to search the abstracts of the Scientific Program for one or more search items. This so-called "Simple Search" is suited well if you do not wish to define any further settings regarding your search items or results.
  • In order to state your search more precisely and to configure the display of possible search results, there is the possibility to use the "Extended Search", by activating the corresponding link.
  • Press the Search-button to start your search.
Syntax of the "Extended Search"

In the text entry field under the heading "Search" you can enter one or more terms as search items.

The heading "Your options for the search result display" lists the following possibilities:
  • First you can choose how many search results you would like to be displayed on one page.
  • When a search is performed, some abstracts will match your search items / terms more precisely than others. To define the degree of likeness between the search results and your search items, a value of relevance is shown in percentage, with 1% meaning a minimal relevance and 100% a perfect match. You can set up yourself, which degree of relevance you demand for your search.
  • Finally you can define, in what way your search items should be connected in case you entered more than one word in the text entry field. There are three options:

If you enter for example [ Proktology Radiology ] in the text entry field the search can be performed for these two words as a phrase, which means that they have to appear in an abstract text in exactly this combination in order to produce a hit for the search result.
The second possibility is that all search items have to appear in an abstract text, but not necessarily in the exact combination they were entered.
It is also possible to count it as a hit and display it in the search results, if only one of the search items entered appears in a text.